Loader Retrieval

GBF Undergrond Mining has developed a unique remote loader retrieval system, known as the Beltor Retrieval Unit. It can be set up in almost any situation and can generate a line pull of over 200t.

The Beltor Unit eliminates the need for traditional recovery methods that involve the use of other mobile equipment, which reduces the hazards associated with personnel working around mobile equipment in close quarters. This recovery method also allows other mining operations to continue relatively uninterrupted.

GBF’s specially trained crew can mobilise quickly and can set up to retrieve your buried or broken down machine independently from other operations in the mine and without tying up other critical production equipment.

The unique retrieval system has the support of numerous insurance companies with recognition that if this system cannot retrieve a buried loader then the loader is not retrievable.

GBF have performed over 50 successful retrievals around Australia, with that number growing each year. For more information, please contact us.