Drill and Blast

GBF can provide comprehensive production drill and blast services with its fleet of modern reliable drill rigs and highly skilled licensed shotfirers. Our production drilling fleet includes a variety of machines with the capability to operate in drives as small as 2.5mW x 2.5mH, drilling all hole diameters from 57mm to 200mm up to 50m in length as both up and down holes. GBF can provide production charging expertise including ANFO an emulsion charging as well as logging of programmable electronic detonators such as iKon. After identifying the need to cost effectively complete slot raises and escapeways using an alternative drill rig as compared to the conventional underground Production Drill Rigs, GBF have also added the Atlas Copco 34RH boxhole drill to its fleet enabling accurate large diameter blind rises at 1.5m diameter up to 30m in length.

GBF also have the capability to provide specialist airleg mining expertise for narrow vein stoping and development with extensive experience in airleg raising, intermediate driving, cut and fill stoping, room and pillar stoping, slot stoping and shrink stoping. These capabilities, combined with experienced operators and blasting services, provide GBF clients with a complete drill and blast solution.

To date GBF have provided whole of contract solutions for major clients Gold Fields Australia, Tanami Gold, Crocodile Gold Australia Operations and Minerals and Metals Group (MMG) in the development and continued production of their underground mining projects in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

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Key Capabilities:

  • Fleet of specialised drill rigs
  • Licenced and experienced shotfirers
  • Airleg Stoping Expertise
  • Magazine keepers and explosive stock control
  • Able to operate in drives as small as 2.5mW x 2.5mH
  • Logging programmable iKon detonators
  • Production drilling from 51mm to 200mm holes up to 50m in length
  • Large diameter drilling
  • Single hole production drilling to full ring automation
  • Experienced operators
  • Stope and face blast management
  • Vertical development using boxholing techniques
  • Experience in ANFO and emulsion charging techniques
  • Up to 30m at 1.5m diameter

Our Fleet

GBF Underground Mining Company began in 1988 in the Western Goldfields as a locally owned and operated private underground mining contractor. The founders had a vision to become the Australian Mining Industries preferred services provider through continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence in safety, quality, efficiency and client services. From this GBF has become a dynamic provider of a range of services to the underground mining sector.

Small Production Drills:


1 x Atlas Copco Boomer H104

Medium Production Drills:


1 x Atlas Copco M4C


2 x Atlas Copco 1257


1 x Sandvik DL431-7C

Large Production Drills:


1 x Tamrock Solomatic 1020

Boxhole Drills:


1 x Atlas Copco 34RH

Charge Wagon:


Normet 1610B